"The cheapest & cleanest energy is the energy you don’t use"

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The Net Zero Challenge

REsustain defines the energy baseline of a building – against which improvements in efficiency can be tracked
  • Buildings contribute between 30% to 40% of global carbon emissions

  • Commercial real estate lapses into inefficiency within 6 months of commissioning

  • Inadequate measuring, reporting & benchmarking

  • Investors are assessing asset owners based on the reduction of carbon emissions

  • Regulation is rapidly changing (e.g. MEES will require energy rating B by 2030)
  • Increasing ESG pressure

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Our Process



Plug REsustain hardware & software into building.

Analyse Data

Stream live building infrastructure data into cloud



Build calibrated digital twin of building in current state



Model scenarios for optimal building efficiency


Run changes to converge the optimal model

Our Team

Miraj Karsandas

Head of ESG Business Development

Paul Ockleford

Principal Software Developer

Steve Brown

Director, Chief Operating Officer

Keith Calder

Head of Client Implementation

Michelle seymour

Head of Corporate Services

Finlay Milliner

Senior Building Physics Engineer

Annie Marston

Founder, Director and Chief Product Officer

Alex Amies

Founder, Director and Chief Scientific Officer

Stuart Munro

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

100000 sqft
of real estate actively managed
points actively monitored

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